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Virtual Office Phone Systems
Virtual Office Phone Systems
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A Service That Literally Sells Itself!

Becoming a reseller for VirtuVoice Systems means you can be earning money month after month simply for telling others about our high-quality services: VirtuVoiceSOHO, VirtuVoiceCORP and VirtuVoiceNET. All it takes is a telephone and a little of your time -- no people to hire, no warehousing, no capital investment! And, best of all, our system does the selling for you! To Learn more, listen to our recorded National Conference Call, choose from the links at the left, and then call 1-888-899-6414 for a demonstration. Contact us if you have any questions.

Commission Structure - The Power of Network Marketing
  • Up to 70% of 1st Month Rental or Setup Fee
  • 20% of Ongoing Monthly Rental & Pre-Paid Discount Minutes

This is the commission you get EACH & EVERY time you sell a system yourself.  The beauty of this is that you will continue to get 20% commission on each month's rent collected!   Not just the first month, each and every month for as long as your customer maintains a VirtuVoice/FreedomVoice account!

Level Customers Required to Earn Commissions at each level First Month / Ongoing Commissions1 Pre-Paid Discount Minutes
1 (You) 1 70% / 20% 20%
22 2

10% / 10%

33 4 3% / 3% 3%
43 6 3% / 3% 3%
53 8 3% / 3% 3%
63 10 3% / 3% 3%
1On all systems unless listed separately.  2Downline Resellers  3Your Downline's Resellers
Qualifying for Commissions:

We only have two requirements to receive commissions.  First, you need to be renting a system yourself (even if you are getting it free through our referral program).  Second, you need to obtain just one level 1 sale per month.  By "sale" here we mean any voice system including our VirtuVoiceSOHO service.  This can even be to an existing customer who is ordering another system.  We do this to promote the healthy growth of your organization and to encourage you to qualify for commissions on all 6 levels.


Eliminating these qualifications for commissions:

Once you reach 15 active level 1 customers, you no longer need to obtain one level 1 sale per month in order to qualify for commissions. Your only requirement will be to be renting a system yourself (even if you are getting it free through our referral program). This is not a maintenance requirement, if your active level 1 customers ever declines below 15 you still will not have any requirement for product sales to qualify for commissions.

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